• Sway Polewear

    Sway Polewear


    Sway Polewear is handcrafted in Poland for every woman who wants to share how strong and empowering they can be.

  • Gale Polewear

    Gale Polewear


    Gale polewear makes it their goal to celebrate everything that pole dancing is, a sport, an art, and the beauty of seduction. Based in Hong Kong.

  • Luna Pole Wear

    Luna Pole Wear


    Luna Pole Wear is the love child of sexy fashion brain and passion for pole dancing. Based in Australia.

  • Paradise Chick

    Paradise Chick


    Paradise Chick is a Greece handmade sportluxe brand that creates stylish polewear and outfits using high quality fabric & unique prints.

  • Rad Polewear

    Rad Polewear


    Based in Athens, Greece, Rad offers a stylish sportswear line, made with love in Europe. Pole dancer owned and operated. Stay Rad.

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